Software Development

Composite application design and implementation information systems are effective when they provide the information required to support critical end-to-end processes. Since processes almost always flow across multiple systems and data sources, alignment of systems and data with comprehensive process definitions are a challenge for organizations today. NWS is well versed in understanding software development requirements. Whether it is translating business processes or analysis oversight, we help develop your solution.

Multiple Kill Vehicle Software Analysis

NWS provided senior-level software development analysis and oversight support for the Missile Defense Agency’s Multiple Kill Vehicle (MKV) Program. NWS was responsible for reviewing and analyzing the software development efforts performed by the MKV Prime Contractor and subcontractors, and provided analysis and recommendations concerning technical issues and critical requirements. Primary oversight areas we supported were software requirements flow-down, software requirements review, system requirement analysis, formal qualification test planning, execution, and evaluation as well as Capability Maturity Model compliancy.

Knowledge Management Tools

NWS was tasked by DoD Joint Chiefs of  Staff J-8/Program, Budget & Analysis Division to develop a Comptroller Knowledge Management Tool (C-KMT) with organic capability to store and process large amounts of financial and contractual data in order to facilitate financial reporting with high level aggregation, and detailed level of specificity. The overall object was to alleviate the time consuming and labor intensive process to acquire, analyze, and present financial information, in near real-time, to Senior Leaders for strategic, operations and tactical decisions. NWS was able to do this by leveraging its business process modeling capability along with SECAT, a Sparta, Inc. developed analysis toolkit to develop a comprehensive solution that addressed all of the tools objectives. The C-KMT is a web-based portal accessing a centralized database that retrieves and stores relevant data from various sources and provides a secured role based access.