Information Assurance

Organizations face new and unprecedented zero day attacks against their companies’ information systems and network environments. Innovative measures must be taken to secure the entire enterprise from hackers, fraud, compliance breaches, malicious insiders, and insidious technologies. Security requires constant vigilance, the right tools and expertise.

NWS understands the constant changing information security environment and provides lifecycle support for our customers' information security needs, utilizing a comprehensive approach in securing their information processing capability. We offer extensive security engineering services that address governmental compliancy, real-time security monitoring, risk analysis, vulnerability assessments, and certification & accreditation support.

Our security practitioners recognize that network security risk will always be a part of the internet environment. We help our customers understand the risks associated with connecting their internal networks to the internet, while developing a proactive strategy to combat the evolving generation of cyber threats. Let the experienced professionals at NWS become your security partner and maintain the information assurance posture of your network today.