Biometrics Services

New World Solutions understands leveraging the digital infrastructure in a secure manner is vital to business transformation and future economic growth. New Security tactics is of the utmost importance for the department of defense, federal and state agencies, local governments, commercial and educational institutions as they implement critical business transformation initiatives. In the forefront are health care and electronic records management, immigration reform, border security, global travel, and military operations.

Multifactor and multimodal biometrics capabilities are currently in use by some agencies and newly being introduced in others for access control to facilities, computing resources and data repositories. As a consequence, agencies are facing more complex and comprehensive security and data sharing requirements to fortify their cyber and physical security postures. Adding to this complexity are current and new laws mandating protection of various types of information such as personal identifiable information, health information, credentialing information, and financial transaction information.

With the full appreciation of intricacies associated with the implementation of new biometric technologies, NWS has partnered with some of the world's leading companies to design, develop, and test these biometric capabilities of choice. NWS has worked alongside our partners in rolling out state of the-art and fully integrated enterprise biometric capture, enrollment, verification, and production equipment for multi-factor identity management, border control, and access control. We also work with collaboratively with companies worldwide to develop distinct capabilities for each unique case we encounter.

NWS integrates the latest biometric technologies in digital identities, credentials and access control to develop optimized and trusted business solutions serving intelligence customers, law enforcement, business partners and other institutions. By linking biometrics with intelligence data, we help our customers accurately identify cleared personnel and potential insider threats. NWS possess full experience with the following capabilities and technologies:

  • Biometric Smart Card Technologies, and Identity Technologies for storing: (Finger/thumb/palm prints, iris recognition, facial recognition, voice recognition, etc.)
  • Credential lifecycle: Including a Change-of-Custody Audit Trail
  • Border Control, Civil IDs, Combination Drivers License -IDs
  • Artificial Intelligence, Document Identification-Authentication